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Herb for brain anurysm


hello, i would like to know what tcm can be used for brain anurysm?


Brain aneurysms are potentially fatal conditions and need to be treated by people with immense amount of experience in Chinese Medicine and ideally with close collaboration with the patients western medicine counterparts. Generally you are treating the underlying issues, to offset the chance of developing an aneurysm and/or to help remove the issues that are contributing to the weakening of the arteries.

Causes generally include: smoking, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, drug abuse, trauma, alcoholism, and for women lower estrogen levels (usually after menopause).

So you treat the true underlying pattern. From a herbal perspective some of the formulas within the “invigorate blood and dispel stasis” -may- be appropriate - either in part or in combination with other formulas to treat the root issues.

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