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Hi All

I work a lot with people who have been abused. In order to have been abused, these people have initially been rendered 'helpless'. This state of 'helplessness' can be a powerful barrier to healing.

Is there an algorithm or point I could use to re-stimulate or weaken the effect of 'helplessness', allowing healing to begin? Lucy


For the removal of past experiences we generally use GV 22 to help heal the unconscious mind. We will often add the huatuo of C2 and GB 13 - both usually on the right side, but use whichever side is most sore during palpation.


thanks Chad



Hi Lucy,

I beleive everything is spiritual in nature. 5 element theory gives us some amazing tools to treat the spirit through the meridians. KD22 seems like a powerful place to start. YinYang House does have a great page that lists many 5E methods of treating the spirit. Use your intuition as to which is the most beneficial for your client.

Would love to hear how it helps!


I agree - you can find many tips and ideas to explore, but don&#39t discount your intution, Lucy !


Best way to start healing helplessness is by placing your dominant hand behing forehead means covering medulla with the intention that helplessness is leaving the system completely and you can see wonders.

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