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Helping inducing labour

Which safe points could be used to help induce labour? This woman that is expecting a baby she is at the 41week +3 days, healthy and good, if the baby wont do it himself they will induce labour tomorrow at the hospital no matter what, any suggestion?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “safe” in this context? There are points that should not be used during various stages of pregnancy both at all or at least without considerably good reasoning, but for the most part for labor promotion you use nearly any of the applicable points that would normally be avoided during pregnancy (except for those restricted by depth/location). I would start by reading our points to avoid during pregnancy section, then adapt from those. This would all be adapted to a degree based on the overall TCM diagnosis of the woman to ensure the best response.

Generally something like LI 4, LV 3, LV 8, UB 60, SP 6, SP 9, LI 11, GB 20, GB 21. Personally, I don’t use e-stim, but this study discusses an approach that, in a very small sample size, was 100% effective using a subset of the above referenced points.

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Safe in the real meaning of it, that doesn’t cause complications :slight_smile:
I saw that study indeed, Sp6 is been applied and seems that it’s been enough in this case, baby was born healthy and mum was good too! thanks Chad for your help as always :slight_smile:

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