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Help with TCM concept


I thought I would ask and hopefully someone(s) else here might be interested too. If they are as interested as me. The way I understand it, xue or blood can stagnate in the channels/meridians Humm. Blood is a physical, material thing. The channels and meridians, well IDK but how do they hold blood? Stagnant chi is understandable. But stagnate blood?


It might help to understand that TCM is a framework developed from a functional perspective with little to no regard whatsoever to actual physiology and anatomy as defined by western science. For example the mind is thought to reside in the heart and therefore treatment of mental disorders commonly (and effectively) use points along the heart meridian. In western terms we know the brain houses the mind. The brain is not even a separate organ system in TCM. So again, TCM is a functional framework and some of the explanations of how things work have no relationship whatsoever to what is known from western anatomy and physiology.


Western science I guess assumes it’s in the brain. I believe it’s actually outside of the body, one day to move in. We will have more control of it then. There’s really no reasons to know it’s in the brain. The Spleen and Liver are much older than most other organs. With the Heart and Lungs being even older than them. We had these things (organs?) in our life wave, long before we could be considered anything we know as human :wink: So I understand why they talk so much about these 5 organs. Look at the heart, the muscle is becoming cross striped. A voluntary muscle. One we can choose to use or not. Women still have the embryonic yolk sack in there womb we once used. So much as changed.


So what about this “sea of …” well I forget. We consider the brain. Didn’t they link it with emotional problems?


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