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Help with symptoms are accupuncture


I had my second accupuncture session yesterday and whilst he put he needles in I felt sick and dizzy so he stopped and said we will try with just these in next minute I was waking up and he was taking the needles out I had fainted I was severely disorientated felt sick and couldn’t focus I sat in the chair for 30 minutes and when I felt we’ll enough I left but after more. than 24hrs I am still disorientated feel sick and can feel severe pain in my arm feel like my legs have weights on them and generally feel rubbish I have been sick but just acid is the normal or should I consult a doctor nod advice would. Appreciated

Cheers neil


I also went cold and was sweating severly my tshirt was soaking wet


There are a host of acupuncture needling techniques and a range of points to use. Fainting during acupuncture is extremely rare, but can happen with practitioners who use aggressive needling techniques (i.e. lots of twisting and thrusting movements with the needles). With proper techniques, however, this should not happen.

Outside of techniques, people with more anxiety can have stress reactions to the needling and quick changes in blood pressure which can make them faint. With proper technique and point choices this shouldn&#39t happen either.

You don&#39t mention what you are going for, but if you have low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and/or anxiety disorders you will have to be treated by someone who really knows how to deal with these issues. In general these responses happen, but are extremely rare. I take it this didn&#39t happen during your first treatment? If not, then it most likely will not happen again so long as the practitioner knows what they are doing. If it happened then as well, find another practitioner.


Hi thanks for the reply I'm getting treated for carpal tunnel syndrome and radial tunnel syndrome but I'm still now nearly 48 hrs after this happened I'm still very dizzy and disoriented so much I don't think I'm safe to drive and feel sick and my arm has gotten a lot worse than I was to start


Generally after a couple days of rest and solid food you will feel fine - some mild walking will help circulate and ground the qi as well. This should not have happened with carpal tunnel treatment and is most likely just a response to the shock of fainting. You could try light accupressure (just hold the point and then do small circular movements with your finger) on yintang, gb 20 and then some foot massage and hold kd 1 and you should be fine.


I had someone pass out on me when I was needling them. It was when I was still in school interning.

He worked in construction and it turned out after working all day and he hadn&#39t eaten. I now tell all of my clients to not be hungry when they come in for work.

It is indeed very unusual to faint, or to have such linguering symptoms after acupuncture. A very possible posivite spin on this is that these symptoms you are experiencing are diagnositc of something going on that might be worthy of you investigating. Sometimes acupuncture can express conditions going on that we have been harboring unknown.


Iam acupuncturist myself and once were recieved a treatment of pc chanel. I had a bad reaction for this treatment with palpitations, little bit of anxiety and weakness. As I know part of CTS tretment is pc chanel. May be there are problem.

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