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Help with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease (a form of Muscular Dystrophy)


Wondering how accupressure can help in CMT (mainly affecting the lower limbs and Muscle loss). Basically the nerve conduction is slow is what the nerve conduction study revealed.
Appreciate any feedback.


Acupressure as a whole is fairly limited, so the best option would be to refer to a fully trained Chinese Medicine practitioner who can offer acupuncture, possibly herbal medicine and other adjunctive treatments as appropriate.

For acupressure the most important point would be ST 36 - ideally with both acupressure and possibly moxibustion as well.

On a broader level, many of the points listed within the tam healing system for muscular dystrophy treatment page would be applicable as well. Our general muscular dystrophy treatment page as other potential options.


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