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Help please. Dad Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis


Hello.My Dad is suffering from severe IPF.
We live in Turkey. I have a friend who will go to China soon. My friend will take my interior materials. What should I get? Where should I obtain it? Could you help? I’m a pharmacist.
Is there a drug called PROLUNG for this in China or
Chinese herbal medicine formula PROLUNG with individual herbs of the formula are listed as follows (weight in granule preparation):

  • Huang Qi (Radix Astragali Membranaceus): 2 g
  • Dan Shen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae): 1 g
  • Jiang Huang (Rhizoma Curcumae Longae): 1 g
  • Yin Xing (Semen Gingko Bilobae): 1 g
  • Mai Men Dong (Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonoci): 1 g
  • Bai He (Bulbus Lilii): 1g
  • Jin Yin Hua (Flos Lonicerae Japonicae): 1 g
  • Zi Su Ye (Folium Perillae Frutescentis): 1 g
  • Yin Yang Huo (Herba Epimedii): 1g

How can I prepare these drags if I bring them from China. How can we use it? Is there a place we can get ready?
We do not have much time. Thanks in advance


First, I don’t think you need to go to China to get proper Chinese Medicine care. There are many Chinese Medicine practitioners in Turkey and most of the herbs are not hard to maintain.

The “formula” you mention, prolung is in a planned (but not yet recruiting or started) clinical trial for IPF -

Any trained Chinese herbalist could make that formula and some might - but most wouldn’t necessarily make it exactly as indicated in the trial plans and here is why. For proper treatment to take place your father needs a proper diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms - this is what dictates what formulas, points, etc. are going to be helpful for him, the fact that he has IPF is a unimportant detail in many ways - see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” and “how to choose a formula” for more on that.

I would strongly suggest you find an acupuncturist locally who also practices Chinese herbal medicine and let them treat your father. Herbs alone are rarely going to be the answer, but a combination of regular acupuncture treatments with properly tailored formulas (which will change over time as his condition improves) is likely to.

I don’t have any direct recommendations in Turkey, but in general searching with google there are at least 10 practitioners in the country.

I would imagine that any of these practitioners could either make the formula for you or have it created and shipped in.

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