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Help, please as kind of emergency


Last night after 1 h of sleep I awaken sweating. When got up felt dizzy and unbalanced a bit. Check BS -129, never ever had as high. I also vomited (once).
Laid down breathing, but wasn’t able fall asleep, with a dull headache.
In the morning FBS -129. Less dizzy, balance almost OK, taking sips of warm water
hope after a few hours my body will be able to regulate that unexpected jump in glucose.
As Chad advised I cancelled the acupuncture sessions ( after 2 weeks my BS started to rise),
and from today not going to take herbs he has given to me. I haven’t started with a new practitioner yet, even afraid after that experience. I really don’t know what to do, family doctor doesn’t know what causes my high lipase, I was able keep BS at 90,s with low carbs diet, took acupuncture sessions to decrease lipase serum, but it seems that I paid to make worse my BS.
Please advise, I think I’m desperate now, most likely with some anxiety after the night’s episode.Thank you very much. Best, Danuta


Just to put your mind at ease, blood sugar of 129 is in no way an emergency or even that much of a problem really. High for you, yes quite likely, but high in the sense of an emergency no. Over 200 or so you would go to your western doctor.

The vomiting is very likely something else, perhaps you are getting a flu or fighting something off (immune responses can raise your blood sugar).

I would get in to see your new practitioner and let someone work with you. Worrying about things and trying to treat yourself isn’t really going to help the situation.


Sounds like a fit of vertigo to me but that is just my opinion. I had this: dizzy + vomiting + slight sweating. Even though I was not a big coffee drinker, this happened twice after a cup of coffee. Liver heat of some sort pushed over the edge by coffee is my self-diagnosis.

I quit coffee 100% and megadosed myself with magnesium citrate and good old water. This dizziness + vomiting has never come back. More careful with diet now as regards liver.

Thank you and I hope you can be helped one way or another. I could not afford acupuncture or a Chinese Doctor at that time and that is why I tried to figure it out for myself.


Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, it is A vertigo -BPPV. The first episode I experience almost a year ago, it was quite severe, was diagnosed online by an experienced neurologist (a family friend), and Epley maneuver helped. But since that I started to have a glucose problem (elevated), and 2 X higher lipase serum. Done many tests, ultrasond of abdomen, MRI, no root of the problems (highlipasemia) found. I’m able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercises.
Since the dr.hadn’t find the cause of highlipasemia I turned to an acupuncture. Took 12 treatments at Oriental School (acupuncture for spleen with moxa). I developed sleep problem. Then I went to experienced Chinese dr. acupuncture practitioner, got 2 treatments of electroacupuncture which made me sleepless, and I think trigger my vertigo because after that I got a mild episode. I stopped going to acupuncturist and a medical dr., and honestly lost trust in the medical dr. and acupuncture. Yes, I have tried some herbal supplements (alpha lipoid acid, berberine, milk thistle, fenugreek, diagestive enzymes, probiotic). I’m on low carbs diet, try to increase fat, but afraid of lipase. I need to gain a few lbs, lost 10 lbs after cutting carbs.


How about you try a magnesium supplement? (Not magnesium oxide, though.) Also, with a low-carb diet, possibly you are dehydrated. Just guessing here. When you drink plain water, it is a good idea to add a wee pinch of salt each time. Otherwise, the water may just go right through you, not going where it is needed. Adding salt to my water every day is the best thing I have ever done! But just a pinch. The water should not taste like salt, but instead have a changed, yet pleasant quality. You’ll know.

This is just my opinion, but a low carb diet, while excellent for a period of time, has its limits. There is ultimately a point of diminishing returns.

Best of health to you. It can be a challenge sometimes, but we keep on going anyway!


Hello there.
I truly appreciate your reply, grateful that you did it. Yes, I have studied a book on mag, and I take mag citrate each evening with vit.B6 for better absorption. I also have started lately to add a pinch of salt in the morning, I will try to do that more often. Thanks a lot. I don’t know what to do with restriction of carbs, just started to take multienzyme digestive care Zygest 13, maybe this help me to increase some complex carbs intake, and gain at least 2-4 lbs, lost 10 lbs when cut carbs, and I don’t need that, never been overweight. Thanks again for your time and helpful suggestions. Best regards. Have a wonderful day! Danuta


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