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Hello. My gf has advanced glaucoma and her sight is very poor. We found out about Chinese herbs and acupuncture especially for glaucoma and repair of the optic nerves. She has optic nerve damage, my gf knows it won’t be 20 20 vision… She just wants some vision just to have some joy in her life… But I need help to find someone that is a specialist in. Chinese herbs and acupuncture. She doesn’t want to lose all her sight… Please can anyone tell me where we can find someone to do this. PLEASE HELP…


Google is your friend here… Just search “acupuncture mycityname” and you should be set. You could call a few of them and see what their experience is with treating glaucoma, but it is pretty commonly treated so any practitioner who has been in practice for even a few years will have likely treated at least a few cases. Not every practitioner practices herbal medicine, however. Due to this I would ask about that as it can be an important part of the treatment. She should do quite well. I would expect to see someone for about 3 months and then check the pressure again. Further treatments will likely be required after a reduction, but they could be very far in between depending on how she does.


When taking chinese herbs and acupuncture for glaucoma. Does it get worse before it gets better.? Are you a Dr. Of chinese herbs and acupuncture? Can u help her?


I am, but no I can’t help her as I’m based in Tennessee. No, it generally will not get worse before it gets better, but not knowing anything about her medical history, her overall physical health, etc. - I can only say so much.

Just use google, find a practitioner and give them a few months to work with her. She should do just fine.


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