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Help! My dog has sprung a leak

Can anyone recommend some herbs and dosage to help my dog with incontinence. Poor guy, we have resorted to diapers and he is so humiliated and I’m exhausted from the constant clean up. He is a 7 year old male Doberman and weighs 82 pounds. He is on a raw meat diet and he never receives people food unless he steals it. I went to the local Chinese herb store and they gave me Yunnan Biayao Jiaonang. This herb appears to be more for help with cancer and blood issues. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Have you consulted with a vet yet about his condition? If not, that is where I would start. Certainly yunnan baiyao is going to do nothing for this condition. As you have found, that is more commonly given for bleeding disorders, in most cases from cancer when used in pets.

One potential downside of an entirely raw meat diet is that it can be hard on the kidneys, so some bloodwork from your vet and maybe an ultrasound can help to see if they experiencing some level of kidney disease.

Once you have a clear diagnosis, then there may be Chinese herbs which can be recommended, but doing things before you know what is happening can easily make the situation worse.

Thank you for your response. I have consulted a vet, several in fact. He has been tested for UTI. He has been X-rayed, and blood drawn. He is a very healthy dog with the exception of a slightly enlarged heart which is common for his breed. His weight is perfect and the raw meat diet has cleared up chronic ear infections and skin allergies.

That said, all the vets want to do is place him on maintenance drugs which are unhealthy and cause a whole host of other problems. His raw meat diet has only helped him.

I believe in a holistic approach for animals as well as humans but I want to start small and simple and go from there. I don’t believe it’s necessary or prudent to plunge into Acupuncture, chiropractic work, and many other high costs treatments.

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