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Help locating a point



I've been reading, and making my research to become an acupuncture to my self at least to treat my self.

Last week I fell and I hurt my right shoulder, I have a separated shoulder. To make the story short I need help from somebody just to tell me where is the location to the treatment point.(photos would be great) Its been 11 days now I can move my arm but not in all direction, and I have a visible bone from the separated shoulder.

I ordered needles from amazon, and I want to treat my self.

N.B: One more favor please if somebody can recommend me to a website that I simply select the injury or whatever etc... and they will give me the points location for each treatment that would be great to help my education in this field.


First you shouldn&#39t treat yourself, certainly without experience and even if you are a practitioner. In many states it&#39s actually illegal to own acupuncture needles without a medical/acupuncture license. Outside of any of the obvious difficulties in choosing correct points without a good theoretical understanding, some of the points for the shoulder fall above the lungs and incorrect needling can puncture your lungs or deep blood vessels.

Second acupuncture is not a point to condition modality. So while there are points for the shoulder to properly apply acupuncture requires taking into account your entire system, all of your health issues, etc. and building a treatment based on you as a person, not just a shoulder.

For educational purposes you may want to read our acupuncture for arthritis page which contains special points for the shoulder. While I realize you do not have arthritis, for most purposes these are the general points you would use.

Our site has a conditions section where conditions are listed alphabetically. On the conditions page near the bottom you will see an acupuncture protocol section. This is not available for every condition - we are putting them together as time permits.


Thank you for your reply, and for the useful information.

A year ago I hurt my left leg, and my friend he&#39s an acupuncture he used his needles on my right arm to heal my left leg and this is how started.

I&#39m pretty curious about this and since my friend he&#39s out of country this is why i&#39m trying to treat my self I didn&#39t know that it&#39s dangerous.

Anyhow what do you suggest for treatment ? search for any acupuncture nearby or do you suggest any ?

Thanks a lot.


Yes any local acupuncturist should be able to easily treat any pain related condition. They are commonly treated and generally respond very well. If there is no one in your area listed on our site, try the site which is our national board agency - they have a directory as well.


Thank you.

But I have another question when I was in the emergency room when I first hurt my shoulder the doc said that its gonna take 3 weeks till I can move my arm at least.

What happened is I usually do meditation with some music or without, but when i focus that opens my chakra, and I start to feel strange vibration so high in a way my whole body shake I searched about it and some people said it's some kinda of reiki or crown chakra, but I don't know with who I shall talk about this ? What is it exactly because its like magic ive done this the first 4 days till I was able to move my arm normally.

This vibration go so high till I don't feel my body, and hmm sometimes after I finish meditation I cant sleep like fully awake and functional, and sometimes I sleep normally.

Thanks a lot I appreciate your replies.


Chakras come from Indian medicine/yoga and meridians are Chinese Medicine. While there is some overlap within the system as they share a common root, this type of discussion is unsuited to a forum on Chinese Medicine. What I can tell you, and I hate to sound like a father figure, is that you shouldn&#39t be doing any meditations of that nature without a teacher. This is the type of question that needs to be asked directly to your meditation teacher. If you are drawn to the Indian chakra system and yoga find a yogi to speak with. If you want to find out more about how to meditate properly contact a local Zen center or Tibetan Buddhist center (or other types). The Tibetans in particular have a well preserved system with strong practical and accountable (i.e. strong intact lineage) practitioners.

For now you should simply do breath meditation. That is, just lightly counting the breath and you inhale or exhale. See my general article on meditation for basic information. Doing anything more without a teacher can work against you and cause problems particularly when you are at the point of strongly moving energy internally.


Going back to your injured shoulder. Did the Doctor in the ER tell you what the injury was? It sounds like a &#39sprung shoulder&#39 ( severe sprain to the acromio-clavicular joint above the shoulder) or even a fractured clavicle (collar bone). This can happen with a fall onto the shoulder. This would account for the &#39visible bone&#39. Assuming the main treatment is rest in the early stages you can gently exercise the shoulder to gradually improve the movement. Gentle pendular movements would be appropriate. Also lying down and trying to lift the arm up over your head by linking hands in a praying position. Acupuncture can be used alongside exercise to resolve your problem but it is important to know what you have actually done to be able to get better safely.



Chi kung (also written as Qigong) is also a great way to help heal the body and prevent illnesses. Of course this form of exercise too requires a qualified instructor and does take some time to learn but once you learned Chi kung will be great help in healing any injuries or other illnesses you might get even in the future. Chi kung exercises are simple, easy to learn and they help circulating the chi in your body in general as well as in the meridians. Often when you do Chi kung you can feel problems in your body because the Chi isn&#39t moving trough that spot smoothly but under normal everyday circumstances you&#39re not aware of this.

Far as acupuncturing yourself goes I strongly agree with Chad, it&#39s a big NO-NO. Even for practitioners it is not recommended to diagnose and treat themselves and it can be especially very dangerous - and even fatal - for someone unqualified and do not know what he/she is doing. From the simple easily puncturing organs to not be aware of how it affects the chi movement in your body, it can easily do as much harm as good. A good complete diagnosis of your whole body is needed by a LICENSED ACUPUNCTURIST. I can also recommend which is website of the National Certification Commission that certifies acupuncturist nation wide and there is also database where you can find certified practioners near you. Here is their web address of their registry search engine: . Just click on the Search Engine link on this page and look for a practicioner near you.

I also would like to add that some of the Indian meditation systems can also be dangerous, especially learned about the &#39kundalini system&#39 which forces the Chi to rise vs. nearly all other meditation/chi kung/acupuncture that &#39assist&#39 the Chi. Kundalini Yoga is also considered dangerous and harmful if not done correctly so be sure you consult people about meditation and that you&#39re doing things correctly. As Chad said it the best is always a good instructor.

Good luck!



Thanks Chad,Jane, and Blade for the useful information.

I was trying to everything by my self because I don&#39t know where to find people hehehe good instructors or any kinda of guide this is why I was googling and I found this site, so I said it could be useful to learn, and thanks again for the useful information.

Chad Thank you I didn&#39t know it&#39s that dangerous.

Jane yeah the doc said it called "Separated Shoulder" and they suggested Motrin 600 mg 1 pill every 4 hours, and rest for 6 weeks which is A LOT, and thank you for your suggestion the hand over the head it feels good.

And Balde yeah 5 months ago I hurt my ankle, and I cured it by using Kundalini system but I don&#39t how It healing it self, and yes before I felt that some high vibration stucks in my ankle I think this is the Chi you were talking about, but where can I find a good instructor or a temple for Chi here around NJ ?


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