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Help for PAD naturally


My husband suffers from PAD. I personally believe that some of his is from his back. He says it doesn’t hurt but, his leg does. Would acupuncture possible help him? And are there other things we could try?


Yes acupuncture and most likely Chinese herbal medicine as well are quite useful for a range of cardiovascular and neurological conditions within which PAD certainly falls. I would suggest you find a practitioner in your local area who also practices Chinese herbal medicine (not all acupuncturists do) and give them 3-5 months.

Previous answers to the same question have a few other pointers:

and some of the pain may very well be coming from his back which is generally quite easy to resolve with Chinese Medicine. When we treat we treat broadly which is why general recommendations are not entirely easy to offer for most things - more on that can be found within “treating the cause and not the symptoms”.


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