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Help for Nasal Polyps

I have a patient that has had nasal polyps for 34 years. He is now due for his sixth surgery and just does not want to go forward with it he wants to use alternative medicine of which I cannot find anything that helps. He uses inhaler every evening for his long-term asthma. Otherwise he is a very healthy guy. He has no gluten allergies he doesn’t do dairy no allergy to aspirin. In the last nine months he’s lost 22 pounds. His sinuses and nasal passages are totally occluded. Affecting his sleep and his eating as shown by the weight loss. I need all the prescribed points for nasal polyps he has a little relief from tightness for about a day that’s it. I have him on Xanthium and magnolia flower and ding chaun wan with no obvious improvement. Lung Qi deficiency and damp heat in upper burner.

There are a few posts on the forum already that discuss aspects how one might approach this - I would start here - Nasal Polyps and Allergies

After multiple surgeries it is hard due to changes in the tissue, etc. - it’s hard anyways, but harder after lots of surgeries. It may be that he will need this one last surgery and then you may be able to work regularly with him to avoid the 7th.

After reading some of the linked posts above, it would be most helpful if you wanted to discuss this further to include what you see as his diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms - what exactly you have tried (acupuncture, herbs, etc.) with as much specificity as possible including treatment frequencies and durations. Then we may be able to fine tune the treatment approaches.

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