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Hello. Need little help with diagnosis of my friend. (thanks for any tips)


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Hello. I have problem with diagnosis of my friend who have weird disease attacks randomly so to speak. sometimes it happens once in a month, sometimes once in week or sometimes once in 2 months.

What happens actually his skins drying up and red patches and spots appear on his head and temples. sometimes also on the chest but smallers one. I thought it could be eczema but medical doctors says it’s not that - and they do not know what is it.

He also get very angry and have very weird thoughts without reason but it’s becomes stable when it’s disappears again. It’s just back and forth. Any idea for formula?


For me of course sounds like damp heat of liver but this patterns and functions works a bit off.


Yes, as @Key_Key mentions, it is an pretty strong amount of damp heat in Chinese Medicine terms. Your friend should see a practitioner in your local area and obtain both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Generally speaking you clear the excess heat and dampness first and then you see what is underlying and possibly focus on that. You need to be careful as many times there are underlying weaknesses that can be worsened by staying too long on clearing herbs.

With proper treatment both his skin and his emotions should balance out well once all the red dots and thicker coating on his tongue is gone.


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