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Height Increase by acupuncture


Is there any colleague who have studied any scientific article about height increase (before 23) by acupuncture methods and/or experienced in this respect ?
I will appreciate if you share your knowledge in this forum.

Increase height
Increase height in teenage boy

Hello Hakim Kashef,

As required by you, I have not studied any scientific article about height increase but I had attended one lecture a couple of years back in which this very topic was briefly discussed. I shall not be able to give you the reference of the speaker, as I have not taken care to note down his contact or name, but have noted down the acupoints.The claim of the speaker was that it has helped several of his subjects increase height upto 1 inch in about a few months to one year of treatment, but there were also some subjects who had no increase even after one year of treatment.The height increase is considered related with kidney essence deficiency. Bones are under control of kidney essence and therefore this concept emeged and was tried.

The treatment points were :

K-3. K-6, CV (Ren)-4, UB 11, 15, 23, GV (DU) 4, 14, 20, GB 39 (L+R)

Since this is a deficiency problem, all points are to be toned.

The points are derived from TCM meridians and hence classical acupuncture on actual meridians should help tone these points, however, the speaker has used Byol (Su Jok) version of chinese meridians on hands and toned the points projected only on hands with byol magnets. The small byol magents were stuck on half inch pieces of antiallergenic micro tape and the magnets thus held on tapes, were stuck on the acupoint projections on hands so as to tone the points (white side up, yellow side touching the skin), for 12 hours. If byol magnets are not available, one may even use one fenugreek seed in place of byol magnet and apply these seeds (held on the tape) on the stated acupoints. The seeds will provide the needed pressure points. If seeds are used, they should be pressed and released for four seconds alternatively for three to five minutes with pressure sufficient within tolerence limits of the subject (neither too soft, not intolerably strong pressure) and kept as such for 12 hours, repeating the pressure points every three hours. Seeds should be changed every day, magnets can be used repeatedly.

I have not tried these points but I have one request from a young girl of about similar age as you mentioned. If and when she shows up, I shall start treatment based on this concept and see if it helps that subject.


DD Chhaya


The points listed certainly seem reasonable. For general theory information, the Kidney Jing Deficiency theory page would be appropriate in this case (and for other physical and mental developmental issues).


Hi Chhaya <

I will like to know why you recomend BL15 in the acupuncture formula?




Hello Silvia,

Sorry, I did not log in for quite some time.

I think, UB 15 being back shu point of heart, it has a positive impact on blood circulation and that could help tone kidney essence. Heart provides heat to kidneys and kidneys cools the heart fire. This way they balance each other. Moreover, people who wish to take treatment for increase in height are usually driven by anxiety and emotional problems arising out of short height. This is where UB 15 can be effective, as it helps emotional problems and anxiety also, being back shu point of heart.

Hi Chad, how would you view above comment?


DD Chhaya



From where i will find the chart to know the point to increase height

K-3. K-6, CV (Ren)-4, UB 11, 15, 23, GV (DU) 4, 14, 20, GB 39 (L+R)

plz help me

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