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Heavy sweat


As a rather new acupuncturist I enjoy reading your page and hope you can help me. I have difficulties finding the rigth way to treat a 60 year old woman for hevy sweat that smells.She came to me with running nose and eyes (no cough) provocated by some vegetables (carrots, tomatoes ect.) and some smells. It is worse winter and worse in the morning and after meals. Other sighn are a sore back and knees. Some athritis in finger joints. Tiredness in the morning. Goes to bed early. Mostely she sleeps well. Once a week she cant fall a sleep and sometimes she wakes up early and cant fall a sleep again. She dreams a lot. She tells me that she feels well when she cant sleep. She has som night sweat but not much.Her defecation is difficult. She has loose stolls and defecate more than 3 times a day starting in the morning. She did have a lot of pain before her period and the first day. She had her uterus removed becaus of pain and adherations. She has suffered from malaria and has aversion to cold. She has a foungous allergy in the ears and on the scalp.She is sweating during daytime (body, upper back, feet) starting when she moves a lilttle.Her feet smells a lot.

Her tounge is a little pale and weet with stomac crack and a lot of small cracks beside that. There is teath marks. Her pulce is slow and weak especially in the rear positions. In both front positions the pulse is thin and in the middle positions it is slipery and I find it empty on the right side.

My diagnose is weeknes in the LU and KI defence system and DU XU and cronic vind in the nose on a background of ST and SP XU. There is also sighns of QI stagnation and heat.I have treated her 6 times and her allergy is much better and her defecations not so difficult, but she is sweating even more now. I have used points selected from the following: SI3, BL62, LU7, KI6, REN 4,6,12, ST25, GB20, DU23, LU9, KI3, SP6, BL 13,20,21,21 and lately I have tryed to treat the sweat by redusing CO4 and reinforcing KI7 and used DU14. Can you help me understand her sweating? Ellen from Denmark


Before going into too much detail, has she responded at all to the treatments? Has the sweating been effected? If so, to what degree? What has changed in her overall signs and what hasn't?

Sweating can come from a number of issues, but in this case it appears to be coming from an overall deficiency. Your analysis and point selections appear to be largely correct. For sweat problems we use the following (huatuo of T4 bilateral, huatuo of T5 on the left side, GV 22, LI 18 as the main points and then usually add LI 11, LI 4, ST 11, KD 3). T4 are the nerves for the breast, sweat glands, and hair follices, T5 is for the heart, GV 22 is for the hypothalamus (regulation of body temperature) and the rest should make sense.

I would try what you are doing, plus adding the areas above with needling and with strong tuina after the treatments in the area of T4 and T5 specifically.


<div style="line-height: 135%">Thank you for your advice. Yes she has responded to my treatment - 6 in all. Her rhinitis is much better. It has not disappeared but better and her defecation is easier.</div><div style="line-height: 135%"> It is the sweat that troubles me. It has gotten worse. It also troubbles her and it smells. I have treated her once since I wrote last time and it is not better. She is still sweating heavily on light exercise and before defecation. </div><div style="line-height: 135%">Luckily she is a woman who knows that things take time and she wants to continue acupuncture a while.</div><div style="line-height: 135%"> I have used Peter Deadmann’s manual of acupuncture. It says that when there is copious sweat I should first reduce LI 4 and then reinforce KI 7. When I reed yinyanghouse’s point description I reed that when there is excessive sweating I should tonify LI 4 and then disperse KI 7 and vice versa. I have difficulties understanding the energetic of these points and how they work on sweat, but thanks for giving me alternatives.</div><div style="line-height: 135%"> I am still paying most attention on tonifying KI, LU and SP/ST.</div><div style="line-height: 135%"> </div><div style="line-height: 135%">Ellen - from a beautiful old city on the nose of Denmark</div><div style="line-height: 135%"> </div>

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