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Heavily rhinitis problem



I have an all year-round heavily rhinitis problem (Nonallergic) with unbearable symptoms, lasting more than 4-6 hours per day such as unbearably stuffy & runny nose and unstoppable sneezing. After trying many methods via alternative medicine, I have started acupuncture and taking the pills of “Minor blue Dragon- Xiao Qing Long Tang”.

They told me to take it for a month (but nobody knows exactly how long) but as I have it throughout the year what is the longest period that I have to take it in order not to have any negative effects to my health.

Thank you very much for your assistance

Thank you


The correct person to ask would your practitioner who prescribed the formula as they are most familiar with why they are using it and your overall diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. But I’m curious what makes you think there is any period of time that will lead to “negative effects” of your health?

Generally speaking that formula is not often intended for long-term use but that isn’t necessarily because of the formula per se or any potential negative effect, it’s because it has a purpose (which in Chinese Medicine terms is to “release early stage exterior disorders”. More than likely your practitioner may end up using this formula for a period of time and then switch it to something else or some combination. Chinese herbal medicine is more fluid and dynamic than western drugs are - an entirely different mode of operation.

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