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Heat in lower burner


Hi all,

I hope someone can help. I have had a big problem with damp heat and couldn’t seem to get it resolved. However I found this excellent vwebsite which gave me the points to clear damp heat in the lower burner. This is now done. However I still have heat/fire in my LB and was wondering if someone could suggest acupunture points or herbs that would allow me to clear the residual heat please? I would very much appreciate your help. If you need any extra information to help please ask.


I don’t see maciociao listing heat in the LB as part of his article so I’m not sure what you are referring to. So with that in mind, what are you specific symptoms and what kind of treatment have you already done?


To start, are you a practitioner treating yourself? Or just trying to treat yourself for some reason? What symptoms and diagnostic signs are you basing your diagnosis of heat in the lower warmer on?

When you say you used points to “clear damp heat in the lower warmer” and “this is now done” - but then you say you “still have” “heat in the lower warmer” - what do you mean by “this is now done” - it sounds like you’ve experienced no change at all?

What specifically did you do, with what frequency and over what time frame?


Hi guys,

Thanks for your responses. This is quite complicated so bear
with me. Please understand I have been to see two experiences acupuncture practitioners
(each for 6+ appointments) and neither has been able to help me – at the end of
both I felt worse for the next week after going.

About five years ago I got very stressed over doing my
thesis at university and started to get a tingling on the back of my legs –
kind a like a firey burning feeling. This made it very uncomfortable to sit. At
this point I went to see one of the acupuncturists for the first time and it
didn’t help at all.

Thankfully, once I had finished my thesis it calmed down.
However, in the next few years, every time I got stressed, the pain returned. Also,
from this point on, my lips started to get very dry after eating, to start with
cheese and then other foods started to do it. From then on things have just got
worse and worse and now I am a mess to be honest.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I tried a nutritionalist who
didn’t help then I tried a homeopathy person who helped a little but I didn’t
get anywhere. Then I tried the first acupuncturist again for around 6 times and
he treated me for liver qi stagnation, which was an issue, but he didn’t treat
the core problem (I now understand) so I gave up.

Then I did a lot of research myself (I read a lot and bought
Maciocia’s tongue diagnosis book) and then understood that my tongue was a
hammer shape (severe stomach/spleen/kidney qi def) and that there was a thick
coating yellow coating at the back of my tongue. After this research, I went to
see the next practitioner and decided that she would treat my qi def but again
it wasn’t the core problem. Every time I left I felt worse and worse each week.

Now I really wasn’t sure what to do. From my research, I realised
I had damp heat in my lower burner but neither of the acupuncturists did
anything about it.

At this point, I should say that I am not an acupuncturist
at all but I was introduced to healing tuning forks which work in a very
similar way i.e. they stimulate the relevant meridian depending on the point
you press. You may be sceptical but they do work so please just trust me on
that. Also, I may sound a bit risky doing it with training, but because they
are tuned to a particular frequency, they do not cause any trouble providing
you don’t use them more than once. If you are interested in reading about them
google ‘tuning forks for healing’.

Anyway, I digress. So now I knew I had damp heat and just
need to get rid of it. I knew for definite I had damp in my liver/gall bladder,
as I needed digestive enzymes, so I tried those relevant points I found on your
website, with my tuner. However, nothing happened. So after a bit of research
and googling, I found the article I sent through previously and the points for
damp in the lower burner i.e. ST28, BL22, Ren5, BL39, SP9, SP6, KL7. I had
never seen these before on a website or book so I gave them ago and finally
things started to happened. After about three weeks (of some big poos), I tried
my liver/gall bladder points again and it worked. I now, after about two years,
no longer need digestive enzymes.

Now I have realised that I have damp heat in almost all my
organs. I have pretty much cleared it all now but then I realised that I need
to clear the fire that is left over. Then I need to sort yin def and then
finally qi def.

I know that is a long winded answer and, to be honest, is a
very sort list of the problems that I have had. My body has been ravaged with
damp heat etc for the last five years slowly getting worse and worse and nobody
knew what was wrong. This has led me to severe depression and many other
emotional problems. However, with the help of my body tuner, and my Maciocia
books, I am finally making progress. I have actually taken photos of my tongue
over the last 18 months and it is interesting to see the differences.

Ok now to get to
my question: because I haven’t managed to find the pattern for damp in
the lower burner (ST28, BL22, Ren5,
BL39, SP9, SP6, KL7)anywhere in a book or internet, I do not have a pattern to remove
the fire that is left over. The issue is can feel it again behind my thighs and
I am not stressed at the moment. Maybe there isn’t a pattern but herbs I could

What do you think? I hope that makes some sort of sense.
Life has been very difficult for me but I finally have some hope again that I can
get better so that is great.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards



Also can I add that I am just guessing the pain under my legs is this. Although I am not so sure how as it flared up yesterday during pericardium time (7pm-9pm) then calmed down after that. I am currently being treated for phlegm Fire harassing the heart so it could be related but not sure?

Also, which points would be used to clear spleen fire? Would it be spleen 2 and 4?
Thanks so much for your help. I am really not sure where else to turn.



While I appreciate the back story generally and the need for help and your pursuit of Chinese Medicine knowledge, could you please back away from all the mixed Chinese Medicine terms and the long discussions of various things you have done and as succinctly as possible describe with few words what your real day to day symptoms are right now in western terms.

Along with that, again in as few words as possible, describe your daily diet and if you have any exercise what that is and how frequent.

Finally a picture of your tongue would be helpful.


Ok. No problem.
Here is my tongue and most of my current symptoms:
Insomnia/wake multiple times each night
Dry mouth at night
Poor appetite
Lots of allergies to food
No taste
Unable to build muscle
No energy In general or to speak
Cold hands and feet

My diet is gluten free porridge and walnuts(bf); lentil and carrot soup (lunch); meat (no beef) with spiced eggy rice (evening). This combination stops an pain in my cheeks or lips so I just have just stuck with it.

I do manage an hour walk every few days but it is a struggle because, due to poor advice, my left glute medius is weaker than my left which means my pelvis is squint. This means I have knee and hip pain when walking. This has been the case for the last two years but I can’t fix it until I can build muscle again.




i hope they were of sufficient quality?

Thanks for your help with this. If i was nearer i would consider visiting but i am in Scotland.


Some of my commentary and further questions are below…

Do you take any western medicines? (or have you) - if so what and for how long with what result?

Once I get these general answers I will PM you some general recommendations. You have to take these with a grain of salt however as there is only so much I can offer over the internet. You will be best served by working with someone locally if at all possible.


Can i also say that just in the last three days i have developed rather water saliva which is very irritating. I understand this could be to do with my spleen. Do you know how i could potentially get rid of this?

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the extra information, I sent you a PM with my recommendations. If you follow them you should do well. Feel free to follow up after you have given it my recommendations a month or so.


Great thanks for your help Chad.

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