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Heat in blood UB54 SEDATE OR TONE


For reducing heat in blood , should we sedate or tone UB54 ? Should we use UB17 too ? If yes, sedate or tone ? Thanks


What are the exact symptoms you are treating?


Speaking from my own clinical experience it’s not necessary to sedate or tonify a point. Just put a needle in and the body will figure out how to respond. As to what points you should use, that really depends on the patterns involved and the other symptoms that are present. In general LI 11 and SJ 5 are useful for clearing heat but again the usage of these points is dependent on the individual.


thank u so much for your reply. well i am a student, studying consulting internet and books…learning acupuncture using magnets rather than needle.
after i pressed sp6 on both sides, i got red circle underneath(1 inch big)…for 2-3 weeks i ignored it and then i started getting itching there. I showed them to a skin specialist, he said that it is fungal infection. well as per my knowledge i started using SP6,SP10,LI4 and LIV3 (all sedate) 10 days ago…I did not take any allopathic medicine.
my itching was gone completely after 2 days…and that reddish circle is now completely pale. looks like my protocol clicked :slight_smile: I treated presuming its heat in blood and also gave consideration to pms changes (I am 50).
But on your website i found UB17 point for heat in blood, so i was wondering why ?
Do you agree with my protocol ?
thanks and kind regards,


rather than SJ5, shouldn’t it be SJ6 for clearing heat ?


PMS here pre menopause not post …thanks


Just a few words of caution for you. Oriental medicine (including acupuncture) is not really something you can learn from books. You need to work with experienced practitioners in order to truly understand what it is all about. In a nutshell there are no set points or even groups of points that universally treat any condition, you can read more about that here.


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