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Heat clearing Herbs


What are the harmful effects of heat clearing herbs?

In general and perhaps specifically.

Zhi Mu, Shi Gao, Huang Lian, Zhi zi, Mu Dan Pi, Skullcap.


The nature of clear heat herbs is cold or very cold, only for yin deficiency internal heat or yang excess external heat toxic patients to use, don&#39t use for yang deficiency patients.


there are a lot of studies conducted nowadays that may be able to answer your question better as these should be studied thorougly through researches availble on online journals or ebooks. anything in ecess is harmful to one&#39s health so it is best that one learns the proper utilization of each


Although each herb is different, the main danger with excessive (or inappropriate) use of heat clearing herbs is their capacity deplete the Spleen/Stomach Yang. This may result in Spleen Yang deficient signs such as: poor digestion, loose stool and fatigue.
Strong heat clearing herbs should generally be used short-term, however, when balanced well, some heat clearing herbs my be used safely for longer periods of time (like the use of Mu Dan Pi in Dan Zhi Shao Yao San).

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