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Heart problems.Shortness of breath.Dizzyness


am a 59 year old female. For about 20 years now, my left hand is always pale compared to my right hand. My left arm chronically hurts. There is a point, under my left shoulder blade that hurt. It radiates, it seems to a point right above my heart on the front of my body. I am short of breath all the time and sigh a lot as a result of that. I sweat a lot, I mean a lot.
An acupuncturist who was diagnosing my tongue wanted to know why the tip of my tongue was gone. I licked a socket at age two.
So, how can my tongue be property used as a diagnostic tool when the tip is missing and how do I help my symptoms concerning my heart. Thank you.


Largely this is how - read my article “My heart is what?”. Long story short, when we talk about the “heart” in Chinese Medicine we are only marginally if at all talking about the physical heart. Additionally, the tongue is only one of many variables we use to come to a diagnosis. The fact that the tip of your tongue is gone, while undesirable for you no doubt, has little or no impact on the ability of a practitioner to come to an appropriate diagnosis.

As far as how you help your symptoms, Chinese Medicine is generally quite useful for a broad range of cardiovascular issues. Not knowing your whole medical history, I would say a combination of acupuncture, possibly with Chinese herbal medicine, over the course of 3-5 months should get you on a better path.


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