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Heart beat in the ears


Submitted By: TheSpace

A friend of mine has a weird problem that he often hears hearbeat in his ears. This happens when he puts earphones (the big ones which cover entire ear) and also when he sleeps. Also, when he is exercising in a high intensity, he hears heart beat and he has a sensation of ''stuffed ear'', like you get when water gets stuck in your ears-in that moments he feels like he is breathing through his ears, like air is coming out of them.

It all sounded pretty strange to me and i was curios, is this maybe a part of some sindrome that TCM is aware of?


First thing I would do is refer him to an MD and have them auscultate for neck bruits, which can indicate a plaque buildup in the carotid arteries. That would put him at a risk for stroke from a clot. That is, if he&#39s 40 or older or obese. Having said that, the hearing of one&#39s heartbeat in the ears might just be positional--- sometimes a hard pillow can cause this if you sleep on your side. The eustachian tubes can open up with exercise in some people just like the sinuses can open up with exercise in some people. I don&#39t think there is a specific syndrome that describes that, though it sounds like some sort of KI/LV/GB involvement.

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