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Healthy Lifestyle & Daily Routine


i found that for healthy lifestyle simple daily routine and some rules may significantly increase the level of muscle and joint functionality.
this is what i found valuable for me:
i start my day by 10 minutes of meditation. straight back, deep breath. (during the day i also practice proper posture);
i use only comfortable shoes for walking and running;
i try not to carry heavy things (above 10lb);
i wear snogg belt during working hours for blood stimulation;
yoga - love every exercise;
i listen for smooth jazz in the morning and quiet relaxation music before sleep. that gets and keeps my mind in check.
that’s what work for me, and i hope will work fine for you too.
please share if you have something valuable and effective.


I like how you hit several key points.



practical comfort

mindful movement

approriate music

I beleive anyone using these 5 points to bridge from will improve there lifestyle.

I would at quality eatting and drinking.


totally agree. been working on these two points for the past 7 years, very important ones!

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