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Health tips for elderly male


Submitted By: phil cabe

I am 69 so some hearing loss is to be expected. I have difficulty hearing conversation in an area where other noise is present.

My depression is related to a marital seperation


emotion is relate your hearing, this should be liver wind disturb head, you can self massage the points: Sj17&3, Gb2 &43 + Lv2&3, Ub23, medicne is Ji Ju Di Hunag Wan.


What kinds of tips specifically are you looking for? And could you describe a little more about your health generally - how is your appetite, energy levels, sleep... With regards to the depression - is it energy oriented, low interest in activities, melancholy, etc.?


Thank you but i do not know how to do the things you have posted. I am not a practioner.


My health is very good. My appetite is good, my sleep is good, my energy is good, I believe I pine over my wife of 24 years and my new life without her. I had grown inward during the past years and have not maintained outside friendships. I had stopped playing tennis which had been a past passion. I am now a regular member at a club where i play lots of tennis and i work put with weights regularly. My law practice has diminished some and my wife and I are dealing with past tax issues.

The financial problems will work out, but I fear that I am not going to have a partner going forward and I seem to want that. I believe i am expecting more than perhaps i should after this first 6 months of separation.



Certainly it is not unnatural to be depressed after a separation. 6 months particularly is a very short period of time in relation to 24 years. It does sound, however, like you have a lot going for you and that you are engaging more with others which is the first step towards adjusting to your new life situation. If you are under a fair amount of stress and slightly depressed you could benefit from seeing an acupuncturist in your area and possibly a low dose of a fairly mild formula like Xiao Yao Wan may be appropriate just to offset the strain slightly so it doesn&#39t turn into a bigger problems. That said, your exercise levels do similar things on a brain chemistry level, so part of what you have to do is simply engage more in your new life (easier said than done, I realize...).

I&#39m not a counselor by trade, but we do work with people on that level as a natural by-product of how we treat our patients. My one recommendation would be to not jump into any kind of relationship right away. Use this time as an opportunity to better examine yourself and your behavior, to re-engage with a wider network of your peers, and then let things comes as they may. Certainly Chinese Medicine can help offset some of the chemical imbalances, etc. and some general counseling may help to use this as a fruitful time of exploration rather than a time of mourning, self-loating, self-judgement, etc. This is particularly important if you had noticed changes in your personality and behavior over recent years.


Congratulations for your awareness of your situation and especially wanting to do something about it. Your decision to re-engage with others playing tennis, etc is particularly admirable and will keep you from retiring back inside yourself. As Chad has said previously, mourning the loss of a relationship is very natural as is the self-judgement and possible loss of self esteem.

You mentioned the words "fear of not having a partner and the future". this is a very natural feeling because it is based on as sense of failure and doubt about being able to establish a new relationship. But, I agree with Chad, 6 months is not a long time when compared with the time that you and your wife have been together.

For yourself, may I suggest that you take the time that you now have, to really get to establish a heartfelt relationship with yourself. This means suspending judgement on yourself, the situation or anyone else - simply let go of these as they arise. Let go (basic forgiveness) of over thinking by focusing on the something that is positive and in the present moment - practice practice practice non judgement and letting go. Re focus on appreciating everything, literally everything and now you are not judging it - you can appreciate everything with wonderment and learning. See it in a new light as you re master your life.

The physical loss of hearing can relate to "closing off - not wanting to hear" or in 5E/ TCM terms grief affects the elements metal and fear affects water - both are connected - hearing is related to water and cutting off related to metal. Best solution is to open the heart (fire) to let the light back into your life - open yourself to your amazing self then magic begins to happen.

Best wishes

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