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Healing my Rosacea and Acne


Submitted By: spencer


I am a TCM student who is just starting out in this amazing field after having my gut destroyed by anti-biotics over many years.

I am a 25 year old caucasain male with English heritage. I have been battled Acne and Rosacea for may years. Moderate acne on forehead, chest, chin and back for many years. Rosacea in cheeks and constantly red nose / bridge of nose (very bothersome visually),

Very healthy diet and lifestyle - limited red meat, lots of squash, chicken, veggies, minimal fruit (found sugar makes me break out), lots of spring water. I feel like I eat better than 98% of Americans. I rarely consume alchohol and have limited my exposure to spicy foods. Exercising a lot (4-5 times a week).

No harsh products used on skin. It should be noted that I live in a cold climate.

Goal: I am looking for suggestions of herbal remedies / herbs to brew into tea to help clean my skin. If you could recommend herbs and an action plan for healing, that would be most appreciated.

I am over pumping my body with harsh chemicals via Western Medicine.




Even more so because you going into the field you should find and consult with a practitioner locally, receive a proper diagnosis and have them treat you. Whomever resolves your problem completely you should stay with them if they will allow and study with them.

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