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Healing anxiety using energy-question



I am new to this forum and just have a few questions. I have started a daily meditation where I listen to a guided meditation which balances the seven main chakras. I do this to help with severe anxiety in attempts to remain off of prescription medication.

I'm afraid to say this has failed and I have had to go back on my medication. However, I'm trying to not go as high of a dose as I previously was on. So I am looking to alternative healing practices.

I must admit that currently, my anxiety is at an all time high and I am in danger of upping my medication yet again. Does anyone have suggestions in the energy department that might help? A link to share might be useful.

Thank you in advance!


First, as I pointed out in your other post, see a fully trained acupuncturist in your area, ideally one who also practices herbal medicine. They should be able to help you fairly quickly.

With regards to meditation I can say a couple things on this. First, fighting against anxiety in meditation will not work - plain and simple. If you are too anxious to get into a reasonably relaxed state during meditation you should do something else. Generally speaking more vigorous activities will be better - brisk walking, light jogging, etc. Ideally this will be done with no music and minimal distractions. Think of it as brisk walking cardio meditation and whatever you do that will fit that title should be quite helpful for you.

If you want to meditate - which will be helpful in the long run, don&#39t do guided meditations. Just do very simple breathing meditation (see my Simple Meditation article). Generally to get into a proper routine, particularly for people with anxiety, you should start with shorter meditation sessions a time or two a day rather than trying to do uncomfortable longer sessions. So 2 ten minute sessions daily - or even 7 minute sessions. When you are more comfortable you will naturally start sitting longer.


I agree that guided medtiations might not be the best fit right now, but perhaps a more energizing breathing technique might be of some use to disperse the energy and cleanse the Lungs and Blood, open up the Heart? Qi gong breathing with big belly inhalations and exhalations through the nose, as well as expanding the chest as the lungs fill with air. Doing qi gong or yoga combines the physical suggestion Chad made but also works on focusing the mind and the breath. Meditation is primarily about concentration and the racing thoughts of anxiety can make it extra difficult.


Hi Annabella,

there are many holistic therapies that can help with anxiety. Just to name a few: Tong Ren, Reiki, Access Consciousness Bars.

Working with a practitioner would be more helpful than trying to do it on your own.

Are you taking any other medications that could cause anxiety? I know from personal experience that too much thyroid medicine could affect somebody that way.

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