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Headaches and herniated discs in neck


What pressure points if any can I use to relieve the pain caused by sinus congestion as well as herniated discs in my neck?


Generally speaking acupressure alone is not going to be enough for either of those issues. You will do best consulting with an acupuncturist and obtaining both acupuncture (ideally with tuina - chinese medical massage and possibly cupping as well) and herbal medicine.

That said, in very general terms, SI 3 can be helpful for neck pain and LU 7 and/or LI 4 can be helpful for sinus congestion. For a little more detail on the sinus congestion part - an article I wrote entitled “self-help for colds and flus” may be helpful as it gets into more acupressure points and other herbal formulas which may be of value.


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