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HE9 • Shao Chong


I am having pain in what appears to be the HE9 / Shao Chong position on my right small finger on the outside, just below my nail on my joint. The He9 Position shows the most accurate position, but I can't find anything that tells me what the cause of this could be and if it is serious. It hurts quite alot. I have some magnets and put it on the spot. My hand has now grown quite cold. Can anyone shed some light on this?


It you are experiencing pain that has existed for more than a week or so you should consult a physician.

Sensitivity at a particular acupuncture point doesn't often correspond to the medical indications for the point without any other signs (in this case very bad heart problems, mouth ulcers, etc.). If you had related symptoms, the point could become sensitive, but it doesn't appear you have any of these.

From your description you could have the beginnings of arthritis, a fungal infection of the nail, tendon damage of some kind, or any number of other issues. If you hand is cold, possibly with some numbness, etc. you could have a nerve impingement at the neck or somewhere along the arm.

If it has been painful for 1-2 weeks, I would consult a physician, perhaps get an x-ray, see what they say, then see an acupuncturist if you feel it is appropriate.

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