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Hay fever


While treating a woman, age 30 for severe hay fever, she began to have strong odor in her nose of metal, also taste of metal. I believe her lungs were cleansing. She stopped care after 5 weekly treatments. Her reponse was poor. Now, one month later she calls saying that she has very strong odor and taste of cigarette smoke. She has never smoked and did not grow up around it. Also, two weeks ago, her hair which is almost to her knees began to tangle. Previously, it has been jet black and very straight. Now she describes it as worse than dreds. I have never heard of such as this. Please can someone shed some light on this. She is not currently receiving treatments, but I would like to help.

Thank you!



Last year I finally cure my seasonal allergies. Once I hit 40, I began to suffer from bad allergies which would come on in early spring and last through the summer months. Not wanting to take any pills, I tried every natural therapy I could. I tried eating locally produced honey that would build my immune system up by ingesting pollens. Good theory, but did not work. I tried homeopathic medicines. This made the allergies worse and did not work. I tried eating healthier and more excercise to boost my immune system. This did not work. Finally, I tried nasal irrigation used salt water to remove the pollen from inside the nose. This did stop about 75% of the problem, and greatly helped. I could sleep through the night no problem, and the allergies became something of an inconvenience, rather than a complete pain in the neck. But it was obviously just a good way of eliminating the pollen. On the advice on a chiro, I started a dietary regime to control Candida. As a child I had taken multiple large doses of anti-biotics. It seemed like the real cause of the allergies, was the increased toxicity of my body as I was growing older and the spread of the Candida causing leaky gut. I undertook a two week cleanse, removed all wheat and sugars, and increased my intake of raw foods. I also took anti-yeast supplements ( Caprylic Acid, grapefruit seed extract) extra pro-biotics, and stopped drinking alcohol. Within two weeks the allergies were greatly reduced and after a month completely gone. I also achieved a very notable increase in energy and vitality. Now I can go running in the grass in May, breathing in the pollens and enjoying the smell of the roses. this totally worked for me!


Try acupuncture: Li20, Li10.5(in the middle of Li10&Li11)
Yin Tang, 4gates.
In TCM: Li in behind of Lu, so use Li20, and Li10.5 is immune point(special), her hair go worse mean she is anxious, so use Yin Tang, her emotion no good means liver qi stag., so use 4 gates.

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