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Have question for high blood pressure


I was wondering if you have any suggestions about a blood pressure herb. I had breast cancer 3 years ago and use myomin daily… 334mg astragalus , 333mg curcuma zedoaria, 333 mg cyperus rotundus. I have been on it for 3 years and all my estrogen levels are low…I am basically in menopause at 42 which is good. I was at 98% estrogen dominance. I now need something for blood pressure… hypertension…and the herbs I am finding all increase estrogen. Please respond. Thank you


What is your blood pressure? Have you tried exercise, diet change and/or meditation already to no avail?

Tonifying herbs such as astragalus (huang qi) for example, can also raise blood pressure over time. So you might consider changing and/or lowering some of the doses in your protocol rather than adding other herbs to counteract.


I excercise almost every day, very athletic, not overweight and eat all organic, no antibiotic or hormone meat. Been meditating for-11years.


What is your blood pressure?




Average range


I’m assuming with your lifestyle and those numbers that you have some sort of family history as well? Either way you would always do best to see a practitioner locally and have a set of formulas entirely tailored to your overall situation rather than trying to use them like western medicines (i.e. this for this symptom, this for this symptom, etc.). And online, this is just not feasible for us to do because of the amount of information that we need.

That said, there is a very accomplished herbalist that we work with on a regular basis that makes a few very effective formulas that are fairly unique. One that he makes is for hypertension and can be used somewhat generically in the TCM sense of not requiring a specific underlying tcm diagnosis like most formulas. It works well on around 85% of the patients we use it with. The formula is aptly called “formula for hypertension” and ingredients wise it is estrogen neutral.


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