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Hello, new to Forums, was a Practiitoner until my wife had two failed spinal fusions and have been treating her as a full time carer for 9 yrs, our Daughter (39) has just been diagnosed with Hashitoxicosis, was wondering if anyone has treated this condition successfully with Acupuncure?

Daughter has also just had a spinal fusion (l4s1) and was doing fine until they removed the Catheter, everything went South from then, Specialist diagnosed the condtion after many tests, conclusion was surgery caused this

Any specific points etc would be appreciated, it is uncommon and they can only recommend Radiation therapy or removal



You should have your daughter seen by a skilled practitioner. Saying "x" is treatable is somewhat meaningless in Chinese Medicine as the whole diagnostic underpinning of Chinese Medicine is not symptom based (see What Does Acupuncture Treat? for more on that). A host of thyroid conditions including hashimotos have all been treated with Chinese Medicine, but, there is a lot to treating those types of conditions properly.

That said, autoimmune related conditions are common after the body has simply had too much of a shock and with skilled practitioners many of them appear to be reversible/stoppable. These take a very keen eye and strong diagnostic skills however.

Now for hashimoto&#39s and related thyroid conditions we will generally use the following points along with (quite important here) proper point selections based on their overall diagnosis from a TCM perspective.

Our Thyroiditis/Hashimoto&#39s/etc. Points:

<li>Huatuo at C6, T1, T2, T3, T7</li>
<li>SI 16, KD 26, KD 3, GV 22</li>

The upper neck and upper back points are generally used with strong tuina massage and needling (minus c6 and SI 16, generally).

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