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Hashimotos and trying to conceive


I'v recently been diagnosed with hashimotos. My practitioner has been treating me for kidney yang deficiency and spleen deficincy (borderline underactive thyroid in western medicine) and iv been taking a custom made Chinese herbal formula for several months now. I have not yet told my practitioner about my diagnosis as it was so recent. Also, my doctor has recommended I start taking levothyroxine, although I'm borderline and do not yet have an underactive thyroid nor do I have any symptoms (apart from irregular menstral cycle). She recommended this as I am trying to concieve and suffered a miscarraige last year. She advised that levothyroxine would reduce the chance of complications with the pregnancy. I really would prefer not to take the levothyroxine and go down the natural route but fear another miscarraige. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I attend Tom Tam&#39s guinea pig classes in the Boston, MA area and have for about 15 years or so. A friend I met in those classes has been treated very successfully by Tom using Tong Ren. Do you have a practitioner near you? You can find them on the web: There are also classes over the telephone. You call in at the indicated time. Good luck!


I also have Hashimoto&#39s, althought mine is from damp heat and kidney yin deficiency and is more severe than yours. I would recommend keeping an open mind towards Western medicine and not writing it off altogether. In my experience, it has been incredibly difficult to find the right treatment strategy - I&#39ve been to a dozen or so TCM practitioners until I finally found a thyroid specialist who got the right herbal formula down. So, while TCM might be able to get your TPO levels down in the long run, in the short run synthroid can help manage the symptoms should they appear.

Also, are you taking selenium? Various studies have shown a decrease in TPO levels in people with Hashimoto&#39s after taking 200-400 mcg suppliments daily for several months. If your levels are low enough to begin with, this might help get them within the normal range.

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