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Hand alergie with red spots all over


At the top of both hands are red spots for several days. Nothing special changed in food or wardrobe habits.
Is there any points that should be treatted?


Treated how? Are you an acupuncturist using needles or planning on acupressure? And why are you concerned? - most reactions like from some type of contact will clear fairly quickly on their own - is this happening often?


Treated with nothing and waiting for 10 days and nothing. Preaty annoying itch. Never happend before.
I prefer acupressure. Any suggestions on acupresssure points or some herbs?


It’s hard to generalize but if it itches it may be what we call wind-heat in TCM terms. Our acupuncture for allergies section has a section on that - which there are fundamental differences between what you can do with acupuncture vs. acupressure but it may guide you towards something useful. Generally acupressure on LU 7, LI 4 and SP 10 may be helpful.

Herbally it will depend greatly on your underlying diagnosis, not your symptoms (see “how to choose a formula” for more on that), but xiao feng wan may be useful.


Many thanks for your effort and support


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