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Hand Acupuncture


Submitted By: leonardoquiropraxia


I have a patient with severe C6-C7 dermatomal pain (lesion of the braquial plexion) with 4 previous surguries of cervical disc herniation in the same location (to correct errors from the first one). The patient have a good relieve in the arm sytomns with YNSA cranial acupuncture; The pain in cervical and the interscapular area has a good relief the hand acupuncture (somatotopic style)with the hand needles. I ask you with you see good results leaving auricular seeds (golden) in the hand (she has lot of pain with needles, including auricular one)for a few days ?

Thanks, Good week,
(thanks for answering the trigger point one :)


Hello Leonardo,

Practitioners do use auricular seeds or pellets on other parts of the body when intradermals or other techniques are not possible to administer. The effect should be similar to what you would expect from intradermals and I see no reason to not try it with the hand points. Magnets would be another option that may be somewhat stronger but still well tolerated.

As the pain is originating from the neck, the appropriate treatment of the neck and associated areas of inflammation are more apt to lead to a long term response. The pellets on the hand therapy points should help to alleviate some of the symptoms and reduce the strain on the patient but the focus should remain on treating the root cause.

Personally, if I were to use magnets or intradermals I would use them near the area of trauma and not within a distal region, particularly if it causes additional discomfort. Working to alleviate the direct pressure on the nerve segments effected by the surgeries should lead to a stronger shift in symptoms experienced further down the arm and hand.


Try stick a seed on LuoZhen point no more than 3 days change each hand, everyday selfmassage the seed.

thank you


Feng Mei

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