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Hairloss/ headaches


Submitted By: panzer

I have a client in her early forties with hairloss & itchy scalp. There is heat & congestion in the head with reoccurring headaches primarily in the forhead. the tongue is red especially on the tip. Any treatment sugguestions would be appreciated!
Many thanks


The tongue is not really enough information upon which to offer a treatment plan of any kind. What do you feel her diagnosis is? and, what points have you tried?

The red tongue tip simply shows some heat in the body, particularly in the heart area which is often emotionally based. Frontal headaches can arise from allergies to facial issues such as TMJ, etc. and the itchy scalp and hairloss can either be mild or quite severe and the conditions behind that can range quite a bit.

For headaches I generally use TCM related points based on their overall condition with points such as GB 20, GV 20, LI 4, LV 3, possibly taiyang, plus strong tuina massage in the huatuo area of C1 and C2.

Hairloss maybe allergy related with her skin symptoms, so it could be related to the Lungs and/or the Kidneys, among other systems. In addition to appropriate points, then, I often add the huatuo of T2, T4, T7, L1, L2 and massage around LI 18. T2 is for the thymus gland, T4 for the sweat glands/hair follicles, T7 for the spleen/blood, L1 for the adrenals, and L2 for the kidneys.

You may want to read my headache treatment section for ideas of related TCM diagnoses and associated treatment points.

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