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Hair Loss & Male Pattern Baldness?


Hi Chad,

I recently discovered your website and I am really happy to have found it. It is a treasure cove with full of health advice and tips. I really appreciate your work and it is simply superb.

I will come to the real question or issue that I am facing for the last 5 years.

I am suffering from Male Pattern Baldness. I lost most of my hair on the scalp area and the baldness is heavily visible.

Would you be able to enlighten any acupressure points to restore the hair with full density?

Thank you in advance.


No, acupressure will not be helpful for this, at least not in any truly useful way. The first thing you need to figure out, ideally via a practitioner in your local area, is what your diagnosis is from a Chinese Medicine perspective - see “treating the cause and not the symptoms” for more on this. Once you have your diagnosis, then treatment options are easier to recommend. Generally with certain underlying diagnoses you will get the best results from a combination of herbs and acupuncture or just herbal medicine alone and with another possible set of underlying diagnoses you will do well with herbal medicine and possibly moxibustion. Herbally, while the formulas will be aligned with your diagnosis, most likely they will contain he shou wu as one of the ingredients.


Thank You for the advice Chad.

Dear Chad,
I have one more issue and I have been battling for a while.

My stools are not that smooth (Constipation).
Gas or wind is struck in the stomach and it doesn’t allow me to pass the stool freely. Even though I pass the stool, at the end I don’t feel that my bowls are completely emptied.
When I go back to office I have to take a dump for one more time.

Need your kind advice on this issue and are there any acupressure points to over come this issue?

FYI, I started losing my hair when this constipation issue began.

Thank You in advance


Acupressure is simply not that effective for more systemic issues in my opinion. But on our common acupressure points page you can see LI 11 - that can be helpful for bowel issues. Generally increasing fiber will help quite a bit, a table spoon or two of psyllium husks a time or two a day should help considerably. There are, of course, more elaborate formulas from the Chinese Medicine side (many listed on our constipation treatment page), but proper use of those would, again, require a proper diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms.


Thank You Chad for the advice.
Will follow it.

Take Care.


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