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Hair Loss, Erectile dysfunction and Alcohol


I 'm a 27 year old male, and I’m a 4th year medical student.

I’ve had a long standing history of stomach aches and cramps since being a small child. As a teenager I had great Erections but I rarely ejaculated and never “shot” it always dribbled.I developed a mild anxiety my junior year of high school. Into college, I started drinking and smoking marijuana. I lost the ability to maintain erections mostly and I started losing hair at 20. Fast forward to a few months ago. Everything had resolved. I cut out gluten. I stopped smoking marijuana years ago. And I added in Vitamin D. Erections were doing great, hair quality seemed better and as if it were regrowing. I had practically stopped drinking, but then I had a night out with some friends and got a little drunk. After that the erections have basically stopped and I shed a ton of hair. The hair loss has stopped, but the erections have not come back. They can be maintained occasionally but less length and less power it seems. I have been having bad epigastric pain for a few months. Along with a history of dental cavities which have gotten worse. Every acupuncturist always treats my kidneys. Whether its jing or yin. Sometimes I’ll have liver or spleen treated. I think My problem may have something to do with my stomach. I’ve always had stomach problems, and even had heartburn as a kid. I’ve read that stomach yin or fire causes damage to the kidneys. Which I feel they are just weak and no matter how much you treat them, the problem will persist, right? Is there an herbal formula that might be good for me? I’ve tried various kidney formulas and spleen formulas and they all feel like a bandaid.

Also Tongue: from the middle to the back is always either yellow or white. It changes depending on how hot I am or if I drink coffee. most of the time the front half the tongue either has no coat or a thick white coat. The coat comes and goes. There has always been a central crack with branching cracks.There is a red or pink tip most of the time. Occasionally it gets puffy and swollen with bite marks. Very rare, usually under extreme stress

My tongue used to be long and narrow and really red with a red tip and always yellow. One day after a few months of naturopathy and acupucture and iodine supplementation it changed to the current tongue presentation


and then what happened with your symptoms? I guess I’m asking what is your question?

I’m also curious what your western blood work looks like - if you haven’t had a panel, I would strongly suggest you do so, including thyroid, testosterone and all the rest of the regular markers.


Mainly I have a erectile dysfunction I urinate frequently I have Distending epigastric pain (feels like diaphragm). Also I have a really bad tooth abcess. Bowel movements are usually regular but occasionally I get constipation


I think you’re on the right track with Stomach. I feel there may be Stomach Yin deficiency or Fire, which is causing systemic Blood deficiency. It’s true that head hair is the flowering of Kidney Qi, but head hair also needs to be nourished by Blood. This could be why when you drank alcohol, the world’s favorite hepatotoxin, the head hair fell again.
Spleen and Stomach are the source of post-natal qi and energy, so if they are not giving you enough to make new Blood, the Liver will draw on the Kidneys, depleting them more rapidly than if not.
You’d need to see an herbalist, but perhaps some Mai Men Dong Tang to help the Stomach Yin, and then Blood Tonics and Invigorators. Good luck!


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