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Gynecomastia treatment

how to treat gynecomatia ? A 24 year old boy is facing this problem since last 2/3 years

Certainly in Chinese Medicine you are looking for the root causes, so gynecomastia is a symptom of something or a reaction to something - that “something” is what you need to figure out as a practitioner. Even in western terms there many possible factors involved in the development of gynecomastia including certain medications, liver issues, thyroid issues, excessive estrogen (poss from too much soy), certain herbs, etc. Basically you need to look very deep and very broad at the patient first and use the diagnostic tools of both western and eastern medicine to figure out where best to start. Following a symptom and trying to do generic treatments based on that, particularly something with many possible underlying factors and many other possible diagnoses, will generally yield very poor results.

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