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Gum disease and jawbone loss


Goog evening, everyone.

I am new to this site, and would like to thank all who participate in the making of this wonderful resource.

As it is my intent to invite a discussion at all levels on this theme, I dithered as into which forum to post. Nevertheless, it would be most interesting to view an indepth discussion as to possible causes, as well as opproaches to both the healing and the prevention of those conditions.

Thank you.

Kind regards.


As mentioned in a recent article about the kidney system, dental and bone problems generally result from a deficiency of Kidney Qi and/or Kidney Jing. Much of what is involved in preserving the Kidney energy is within the article referenced, generally the kidneys are weakened from overwork, poor diet, not enough rest, too much sexual activity, too much physical activity, etc. The Jing, however, can be weakened from events while still in the womb, at birth, or in the very early years and and can lead to developmental issues and/or problems much later in life. Generally deep issues and systemic bone and vitality issues arise from a Jing deficiency.

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