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Guillen barre syndrome


could you help for acupuncture points for gbs?


Yes and no. Are you an acupuncturist looking for a more detailed approach, just generally asking a question or a practitioner of another modality?

I ask because generally speaking there are no points for “x” condition, rather you treat the persons underlying diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. For more on this I strongly suggest you read “treating the cause vs. the symptoms”.

Generally speaking the protocols/approaches referenced in our multiple sclerosis page would be very similar to the approaches for guillen barre (particularly those within the tam healing for MS section). What would differ would depend on the individual patient.


thank you for the reply…i am a medical practitioner ( ob gyne and perinatology as a subspecialty) but now studying and doing acupuncture on my patients…i have a friend with GBS and seeing a neurologist, but i think tcm will help her with her condition…

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