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Gui Pi wan warning label


My bottle of Gui Pi Wan has a California proposition 65 warning. I assume this is because the pills contain talcum. Are any brands talc free. Any information on this would be helpful.


Talc powder is actually an herb (Hua Shi)in chinese medicine and when combined with other herbs in formulas it is considered to be perfectly safe. That being said, I’ve never heard of a version of Gui Pi Wan that would contain Hua Shi as that herb would be very out of place for the function of gui pi. I’m not sure what binder/filler the manufacturer would use that would flag a prop 65 warning. As far as I know the brands we carry don’t have prop 65 warning issues.

Just out of curiosity what is the manufacturer of the gui pi wan you have?


In addition to what Stephen said, the prop 65 warning is on most (all?) of the formulas sold in California regardless of ingredients (i.e. it’s a required warning - not really about individual ingredients per se). Mayway (one of our providers) has a lengthy discussion on the topic here.

Long story short, the warning is put there because even with testing it is very difficult to 1000% ensure that a particular herbal formula wouldn’t contain above the legal limit of heavy metals or other substances that fall under prop 65. The warning is largely because you can’t sell substances in California that -could- potentially go over these amounts - it doesn’t mean they are illegal, it just means you can’t sell them without the warning. So they put the warning on to cover themselves from liability.

Generally speaking Chinese herbal formulas from reputable distributors are very reliable, safe and when properly prescribed quite effective. Even those with “toxic” substances are generally fine as the formula itself has long since been designed to accomodate for the downsides of any one herb in the formula.

Keep in mind that the majority of these formulas are 600-2000 years old. They are very well thought through.

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