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Gui Pi Wan and pericarditis


Would Gui Pi Wan be safe to take if there is a history of pericarditits? Would this interact with colcrys(colchisine)?


In general no. Some high tannin containing herbs can interfere with colchisine, but used properly when offered by practitioner as appropriate for you via your Chinese Medicine diagnosis it should be well tolerated. That said, the proper treatment of pericarditis even from the western side, but certainly from the Chinese Medicine side, requires a proper diagnosis. You should -never- take Chinese herbal medicines based on symptoms alone - this is simply the polar opposite of how Chinese Medicine works (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on that).

You would be best served by seeing an acupuncturist who also practices Chinese herbal medicine, obtain a few months of treatment and have someone carefully guide you through Chinese herbal medicine treatment if they feel it is appropriate. Acupuncture alone can be extremely useful.

I wrote an extensive post on quora a few months ago for heart palpitations treatment - but the vast majority of what I said in that post would apply to pericarditis to a certain degree. Long story short, don’t try to treat yourself.


I was taking the herb to improve sleeping in menopause. I am not having pericarditis now. Just history of it. However I was told not to use black cohosh for menopause because it may cause pericardidtis.

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