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Group health insurance for acupuncturists?


Submitted By: dumplin1010

does any company of professional organization offer group health insurance coverage for acupuncturists and their families?

thanks so much


The AAAOM offers group rates to its members. I don&#39t know much about the plans or the prices however. You might also want to look into something like USAA (if anyone in your family has been in the military) which has much higher member numbers and reasonable prices. It is definitely worth doing your homework but be careful of rates that look too good, you really have to look at what they are offering and at how likely that "low rate" is just to get you in the plan and it will shoot up year after year regardless of how much you use it. From personal experience united health care, sold under golden rule, did this to me even without me using any aspect of the plan. Maybe they all do. Usually your best bet is a high deductible, HSA plan if you don&#39t have any existing medical conditions.


thanks SO much Chad, you rock! how many of you are there by the way?! you must have clones ;)

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