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Grief- bloating- fallopian tube blocked

What acupressure points would you suggest to treat through shiatsu, a woman that is dealing with grief (so…metal-LI-LU right?), she experiences always bloated belly , and trying to get pregnant but due to the fallopian tube blocked this is being difficult… curious to hear your opinion :slight_smile:

Personally I would refer out to an acupuncturist that also practices Chinese herbal medicine as that combination, in my opinion, will yield the best results. From our acupuncture for fertility section you will see a common pattern involved with blocked tubes (not the only possibility by any stretch). Generally the underlying issues are often related to dampness or phlegm as those terms are used in TCM. Generally speaking, then, a combination of dietary change (removing inflammatory foods, dairy, sugar, etc.), working on the spleen system generally, and aiding circulation in the abdominal area will help.

Yes I know she is seeing already an acupuncturist, but I will get her as “client” for practicing - I’m a shiatsu student :slight_smile: is moxa maybe also something that could be used?
I will check the link u sent and see how I can help her too, will keep u updated!

Moxa could be used but you have to be aware of their underlying diagnosis in TCM terms first. So if they are heavily yin deficient, for example, then I wouldn’t use it. If they have lots of damp-heat, I wouldn’t use it. If they are moderately spleen qi deficient, then I would likely use it.

The best person to ask is the acupuncturist who is actively treating her. With communication, you both can likely work in more synergistic way.

Ok, great idea! thank you very much :slight_smile:

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