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Green tea and saliva

I don’t drink green tea too much, but when I do I noticed that usually shortly after I start to feel a little sick in my stomach… and my saliva production increases.

Which is a really good thing, because I have chronic xerostomia - dry mouth.
(the uneasy sick feeling is something I can deal with)

Is there anything in green tea that could cause this change from the TCM perspective?

Are you drinking green tea on an empty stomach? If so, that could be where your stomach ache is coming from. According to TCM, tea shouldn’t be drank on an empty stomach, it can actually hurt the stomach lining. Green tea aids in digestion, you need saliva and other liquids in the digestive system to digest, so that could by why you have an increase in saliva.

yes, it was in the morning on an empty stomach… that would make sense.

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