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Granuloma annulare


Submitted By: peter_med

A female patient came last week with granuloma annulare for past 8 months. Western gave her steroid and she refused to take it. TCM pattern is spleen deficiency with phlegm acumulation (mild over weigh) and qi of liver stagnation( mild depression). The tongue is little dark red and thin sticky coat and pulse is slippery and wiry. The points I use is: Du20, Yingtang, LI11, LI4, PC6, HT7, ST34, ST36, SP10, SP9, ST40, SP6, LV3, KD3, RN4, RN6, RN12, ST25. Plus herbs. Any other suggestion? Thanks.


Your diagnosis would seem right on track. Many skin conditions are either heat in the blood or damp heat. Granuloma annulare is a general condition with no known causes - although it can be associated with thyroid conditions (empty heat (hyper), or dampness (hypo)) or diabetes (empty heat (yin def), or dampness (sq qi def)).

What herbs specifically are you using?

Points wise everything seeems fine. I would perhaps narrow it down a bit. What we tend to use primarily is UB 40, SP 9, LI 11, huatuo of T4 (breast/sweat glands/skin) and huatuo of T7 (blood/spleen/circulation) and others based on the underlying pattern.

Treatment-wise you want to first clear damp, then worry about the stagnation, then focus on tonification (although you will do some to clear the dampness). Otherwise you are trying to move through dampness which will not work well. The herbs should clearly follow those steps and the points should be clearer as well to follow stages of healing as opposed to an all in one approach.


The points is good, I suggest separate them into 2 group points, and alternate use group1 or group 2 points to do treatments.


thanks for this illustration in detail.


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