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Granuloma annulare-autoimmune skin condition


I have a chronic inflammatory autoimmune skin condition called "granuloma annulare" raised red rash on bottom of legs and stomach....very disfiguring

have tried every dermitologist and doctor, have fibromyalgia, but for the most

part is under control. The rash is sensitive, burns a little,lots of money spent on creams, even drank apple cider vinegar. Heard of chinese herbs that cured this terrible skin condition. It is very embarrasing & am very self-conscious of this rash. Could anyone please suggest chinese herbs to take for this or even give name of herbalist. to contact. Most interested in what to

take for it and where to get it. Thank you so much for your help. It is greatly appreciated.


You definitely need to see a trained practitioner for this. Chinese herbs do work very well (and often very quickly) for skin conditions, but a proper diagnosis needs to be made.

Also, I have noticed in almost every (if not every) autoimmune related case that there is some form of food allergy/intolerance. I have seen cases of psoriatic arthritis completely resolve just with the elimination of gluten. So I would highly encourage you to look into that. Common food allergies are to gluten, dairy, soy, and corn. Also, decreasing consumption of sugar and simple carbs is of huge benefit not only to the skin but to the body as a whole.


Thank you so much for the tips, will watch the foods, trying to find a practioner here in Louisiana. Again, thank you for the advice


Hi there,

I have this awful skin condition for 8 years now - it started in menopause. I have gone the cream route including mud pack, and a variety of others. My spots faded a little but came back and multiplied. I won&#39t list all but came to the conclusion it is from the inside - 99.9% certain it has to do with the digestive system - some food do not get digested properly or nutrients absorbed by the body.

I try to stay away from Gluten, dairy, soy and corn however doesn&#39t make a lot of difference. I am physically active - go to the gym 5X/week - drink a lot of water (8 to 10 glasses/day), sleep fine and have a very active bowel movements, not always healthy as diarrhia is mainly what happens (sorry about all the details but I think it is important).

I had a hair analysis done which showed high toxicity levels of mercury and sodium. I had my amalgam teeth fillings removed and am following a daily regimen of Vitamin C & D, Potassium, B5, and probiotic which seems to help (just started 1 week ago).

Yesterday, I had a spinach and greek salads and suffered from abdominal pain and diarrhia - not sure why.

If I can purchase these chinese herbs everyone talks about - I am IN - please let me know how I can get some.

FYI - I do not trust doctors or naturopaths to be able to help me - I saw 2 regular doctors and 1 naturopath and it was useless, they have bandaid solutions that are mainly chemicals or ideas that do not work.

I ordered yesterday a new product to heal my bowels which include the following items:

INSOLUBLE FIBRES: Psyllium seed 2.90g, Oat Bran 0.57g, Apple Pectin 0.56g

SOLUBLE FIBRES: Psyllium husk 2.90g, Glucomannan 0.50g

Alfalfa 0.30g, Yellow dock 0.23g, Prune Powder 0.23g, Hibiscus 0.10g, Lecithin 0.10g, Burdock 0.07g Clove 0.07g

I will let you know how that works - if you have any idea or can help me attain these chinese herbs, please let me know.

Cheers for now,



Just finished a round of "Dermanic" from dermatologist. Took 90 days and

no results. That is fourthh Dermatologist in Louisiana I have seen. Got a vitamixer, saw some improvement in overall skin drinking potent green juice with spinach, kale, carrots, apple. Still looking for a Chinese herb doctor in

Louisiana . Wish I knew what the others took when they went to theirs.

Please let me know if you hear and I will also. Take care, Alice


Went to 4th Dermologist and took Dermanic for 3 months and still no

results. Would love to find a Chinese herbalist here or one on the

internet. Thought of no gluten did a few days no results.

If you find one please let me know. I will start looking again.\

I will post if i do. Take care. We with Gods help will find the.

answer Happy New Year! Alice


Thanks for the info Alice - I&#39ll keep you posted for sure as well.

2015 is the year we find the cure :)


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