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Hi Dupuis and other freinds,

I have a 64 YO patient with severe gout confirmed.

He complaint so much about his multiple joint pain particularly the distal joints of his hands and feet. His uric acid has been not too high and his wrists, metacarpal ad finger joints started deformed. No s/s of RA or OA found.

His tongue is buffy, very thin clear coating, no teethmark and several mutidirectional cracks, his pulse is wide, strong but little forceless in all positions spe. kidney and spleen positions.

I've been using SP3, SP4, SP6, and ST 40 all reduced try to eliminate dampheat although there is no sign of heat at all and it partially works (4 treatments so far).

If you know some herbs or formulas or other acutechniques which can be used in this presenting case, please let me know.



Our protocol, from the Tam Healing System, for [Gout]( is as follows:

  • Huatuo of T1 - Bone Marrow
  • Huatuo of T2 - Thymus Gland
  • Huatuo of T3 - Lung/Lymph System - collectively T1, 2 and 3 strongly aid the immune system and control the inflammatory response in the body.
  • Huatuo of T7 - The spleen and abdominal blood vessels - any blood related condition and for circulation generally and particularly into the lower part of the body
  • ST 36
  • LI 4
  • KD 3
  • GV 20
  • Plus local needling in the ashi areas (i.e. where the patient experiences the most pain).

Your points look fine from a pure tcm perspective except you may get better results from using SP 2 instead of SP 3 and SP 4. SP 2 has a stronger effect on damp heat and is more specifically listed for gout.

It is possible to treat uric acid to stop the pills

Diet, also, is very important:

*limit foods with purine (red meats, shell fish, herring, etc)

* eat celery

* take black cherry supplement

*2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. of warm water--sweeten with honey

It worked for me.

Acupressure and foot massage relieves pain and seems to get those uric acid crystals out of the joiints.

male, age 68

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