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Gooey eyes


For about a year I have had mucous in my eyes, esp in the morning when
> I awaken. It gets crusty in the corners. My eyes tend to be watery,
> thickish all day but by the morning the lids stick together, but not
> always. I am 61, eat healthy and work in my garden, walk daily so I
> think it is an imbalance inside.
> Right now I am taking some liver cleansing capsules. I have stopped
> wheat and dairy. Some improvement.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you
> Jan


By "eat healthy" - what do you mean exactly. Could you describe a typicals days meals... Any changes in the last year (psychological, emotional, physical, dietary, location, etc.) that you can tie this change to?

Also have you tried meeting with an acupuncturist locally? That would more than likely be the best place to start.


I eat mostly fruit for breakfast, today pineapple, pear from my tree, medjool dates; for lunch, couscous and sun dried tomates, nuts, olive oil and garlic; dinner rice with pesto, baby greens and garden tomatoes; I drink different teas like chai and green tea; pomegranate juice and dark cherry first thing in AM and lots of water. I recently started taking a woman&#39s multi vitamin from New Chapter I also take Glucosamine. Occassionally I have dark chocolate and drink coffee.

I was in Taiwan for 5 months last winter, ate mostly veggies and rice, but this started before I left and continued while there. I was not happy while there, lonely and bored with what I signed up to do. Emotionally, I feel unsatisfied with my work and want to do more with what God gave me. When this condition started I was working at a job that was stifling my creativity. I have been working on my own since then but I can and want to do so much more than what I am doing.

My sleep patterns were irregular for about 6 months, couldn&#39t sleep, worried about not being able to sleep but that has passed now that I am home again.

I am 61.

Thank you


It would be best to see someone locally who can physically inspect you and ask more detailed questions but my initial gut feeling would be to try limiting the damp causing foods from a Chinese Medicine perspective. In general try warming up the diet a bit, less fruit, juice and raw foods and more cooked foods perhaps with some mild spices - like cinnamon, ginger, etc. This will help to dry up the dampness. For a general intro to these concepts you could try reading "My Spleen is What?" and see what resonates with you.



What an informative article. There is one acupunturist here in Monroe, LA that I will see. It sounds like I need this as the condition is persistent.. I did see an oriental doctor in Borneo (Malaysia) and he gave me some small bags of herbs to cook. Did not help at the time. I will cook more, too and see if this helps. I will let the spleen article digest and see what resonates with me. I am sure I will find whats going on. This is a great start. Thank you.



Dear Chante,

You got relief?

Chad is right, it seems to me as well.

If you go to cure (your condition) in traditional way at least 5 to 6 points may have to be punctured.

Here is recommendation of Biji Meridians

Rent Liv3, Tone LU10 (dispersing method) sedate H3 (converging method) and tone Sp2 (dispersing method)

Only two points LU10 puncture small finger and H3 can give you much relief - Heat and cold points of (Biji) Sp spiral meridian - try them

Best is use of Chakra magnets if you are aware of them.


I am not a chinese medicine practitioner so my suggestion is from personal experience with having gooey eyes. I also had a yeast infection and after a few doses of diflucan (a prescription medication) the gooey eyes went away. So maybe some chinese herbs for yeast/candida could help. I live in Alabama and compared to when I lived in Colorado I have a lot more problems with yeast here and so does my dog. I think the humidity and mold/mildew here make it harder to get rid of.

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