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Gist cancer treatment using TCM


Hi All,
I am looking for a TCM treatment of Gastro Intestine Stromal Tumor (GIST) using Chinese medicine since my body did not accept the the conventional Imatinib (Glivec) treatment. Has any one got an idea of a protocol or Treatment center or TCM practitioner I can address ( around the world) ? Thanks


There are, of course, treatments for cancer within Chinese Medicine. You don’t need anyone “around the world” - just find a practitioner in your area and see them regularly. There are no standard treatments for anything in Chinese Medicine and this is particularly so when it comes to cancer. You need an experienced practitioner who practices both acupuncture and herbal medicine - but you do not need to go anywhere in the world - nor is that practical given the relatively serious nature of what you are trying to treat and how often and frequently you need to go.

Our tong ren therapy healing system was designed primarily for cancer and there are many, many succesfully treated cases. Some do a combination of acupuncture with or without herbal medicine with or without western medicine along with tong ren - or they come and do tong ren as everything else has failed.

You can get treatment for free online at and through other sources. A general introduction is here and another general guide is here

For herbal medicine you need a proper Chinese Medicine diagnosis (for more on this read Treating the cause vs. the symptoms and how to choose a herbal formula). In short, you do not choose a formula because you have “cancer”.

So I strongly recommend you find a practitioner locally and work with them and try to attend some of the online healing classes as well. If your practitioner has some questions about what approaches to take, send them here to ask and we can offer some more direct guidance.


Dear Chad,
Thanks for the info & links. I go thru them. Yoram


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